Precision Rimfire Competition

Precision Rimfire Competition

Precision Rimfire Competition offers the thrills of long-range shooting similar to PRS, but with the cost-effectiveness of rimfire ammo.

Lapua Practical Rimfire Challenge

On the deck of the “USS Peacemaker,” engaging animal silhouettes at 111, 118 and 262 yards. Innovative stage design is indicative of the sport’s centerfire PRS riflesport lineage.

This is why over the last few years precision rimfire participation has exploded. Matches featuring the diminutive .22 LR cartridge blasted out well beyond 200 yards have become common. Increased interest in both the Practical Rimfire Challenge (PRC) and the National Rifle League rimfire division (NRL22) showcase this surge in the popularity of precision rimfire competition.

“The technology has finally caught up to what many competitive shooters want now—precision-level accuracy in a .22 LR cartridge,” says Cole McCulloch, director of NRA Competitive Shooting and a strong proponent of the precision-rimfire discipline. “Now, a .22 LR rifle can be used in competition out to 300 yards.”

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