Getting Started in NRL22

Getting Started in NRL22

Getting Started in NRL22 is a relatively new competition sport that has sprung up in recent years, mostly fueled by the interest in things like the centerfire Precision Rifle Series and of course the National Rifle League itself.

Getting Started in NRL22 is basically a scaled-down version of these events using

22LR rimfire rifles

instead of the 6mm (and larger) centerfire cartridges that dominate the larger events. Most matches don’t actually go beyond 200 yards, and most are even within 100 yards, making the sport extremely accessible for anyone interested in precision shooting.

“Nearly all areas have access to 100-yard ranges, and most shooters own a 22LR rifle.”

Company Bio

Striplin Custom Gunworks has been producing custom guns and accessories since 2014. Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Striplin serves clients nationwide, from Alaska to New York. The company works to provide competition shooters with products that are superior in function, style, and value. Through research and innovation, Striplin Custom Gunworks plans to continue to provide excellence in gunsmithing for the next generation.

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