Fiber optic flip up sights

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Flip up sights for picatinny rail.  I buy Ozark Armament sights at $39.00 and modify them by adding a fiber optic front sight.  I charge $60 for the work so you are paying $100.00 for a $39.00 sight when finished.  I tell you this now because they are an all aluminum sight and may not with stand abuse. They are designed for competition use and should be handled with care.  With that said, to the best of my knowledge they are the only mbuis height fiber front sights available.  They will exactly co witness with the holosun 510 so 1 gun can be used to shoot both limited and open class by simply removing the holosun with the quick take down lever and flipping these up.  Previously these were only available to Team Striplin Custom members but due to many requests I am offering them for sale to help support the competitors I consider friends.  I know it's expensive, and I apologize, I am not a sight maker so it takes me longer to make these than it should. IT INCLUDES FRONT AND REAR SIGHT.  Front sight elevation is adjusted by loosening to set screws and raising the front sight up or down.  It's clunky, but in my opinion easier to adjust than the post type AR sights.