Buckmark Slide Racker Installation Service - Stainless Slides

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Installation of the Buck Mark Slide Racker requires machining and threading of the slide.  Your slide will be permanently modified to accept this slide racker.  You will have to remove your slide from your Buck Mark per Browning owners manual and ship only the slide to me. (DO NOT SHIP THE WHOLE GUN or FRAME). I normally install these same day, but please allow 5 days in case of back log.  There is a $20.00 up charge for stainless slides due to the hardness of the stainless slides.  I must use a brand new Vandium Cobalt Tap on each slide.  Due to the cost of these taps, I must charge more for this installation.  I do not like to have to up charge this, but I have no choice.  If you have your gunsmith install these, Please inform them that an HSS tap will not cut these threads. If you have a black or nickel slide, please choose the cheaper installation service.