About Us

I am Bill Striplin.  Thanks to my father I have been involved in firearms and mechanics since I was a toddler. I am an avid gun owner and outdoorsman so it is only natural that I began shooting sports at a young age.  I began shooting USPSA around the age of 16. Shortly there after I began modifying my own guns.  I grew very fond of customization and my skills gradually improved.  Around 2002, my dear friend Woody Hogan gave me opportunity to work in his Gunshop, Bullseye Precision.  Woody taught me more about firearms and machining than I could have learned in any school.  However, I became interested in building parts for competition guns about 5 years ago, so I began taking classes at the age of 40 to work towards my a degree in mechanical engineering.  I learned the skills I needed in this program to use autocad and modeling software.  With the ability to precisely draw the parts I dreamed up, I decided to invest in machinery and work towards my dream.  This is how Striplin Custom Guns came to life.  I still do a lot of my work through Don Mongold and Woody's shop Bullseye. But the parts production and sales are my own.  I have many people to thank for my journey leading to where I am today.  Dad, Mom, Woody, Don, Joe Adkison, and my many loyal friends and customers.  Thank You all!

Bill Striplin

PO Box 4320

Fort Smith, AR  72914